Can you imagine a world where phishing becomes harmless?

With Maia, make it a reality.

Maia is a disrupting tech in passwordless authentication. Maia's novel architecture offers a seamless (stealthy) authorization experience for the users. Moreover, Maia ensures security even if user credentials are compromised; hence there are no harmful consequences of user corruption or phishing attacks.
Rahul Sharma, Founder & CEO
Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? · Why Maia? ·
Maia is an innovative multi-factor authentication mechanism where a user’s password seldom changes, but the password sent to the server is always different. This capability is achieved by our novel Maia-powered architecture.
Model Actuated Infinite Authenticator


Enables passwordless authentication experience. From now on, users can log in to their accounts by just using their username.

No more worrying
about phishing

Prevents the consequences of phishing attacks completely.
Our technology is powerful and capable of making phishing harmless.


Has the potential of seamless verification of devices with minimal or no human involvement, for example, IoT devices.
Implicit communication

One password
for everything

Liberates the user from the burden of remembering multiple passwords for multiple tools/websites, thus enabling the users to have one password for all.

& Security

Complements existing authentication mechanisms and integrates well with them providing added security.

Is your company worried about phishing attacks?

Maia can create an environment where phishing attacks are harmless.

Is integrating a new cybersecurity technology a challenge in your company?

Maia complements existing technologies and integrates with them to enhance the security of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Meet our team

Behind a great project, there’s a great team.
These are the people behind Maia.

Bernardete Ribeiro (Ph.D.)

Scientific Advisor
Full Professor, University of Coimbra, & Past Director of Center of Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC).

Amílcar Cardoso (Ph.D.)

Scientific Advisor
Full Professor at University of Coimbra, Vice-President at Instituto Pedro Nunes.

Marta Costa e Silva

Intellectual Property Advisor
Technology Transfer Office Intellectual Property Manager at UC Business - University of Coimbra.

Luís Saraiva da Silva

Technology Transfer Advisor
Technology Transfer Office Innovation Manager at UC Business & PhD Student in Governance, Knowledge and Innovation at University of Coimbra.

Fábio Pereira

Product Development
Co-founder & Head of Technology at Divisa.

Pedro Matos Chaves

Product Design
Co-founder & Head of Design at Divisa.

João Couceiro e Castro

Operations & Management
Co-founder & Head of Strategy at Divisa, Invited Assistant at University of Coimbra.

Rahul Sharma (Ph.D.)

Founder & CEO
Research Collaborator at CISUC, PostDoc Scholar at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
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Maia complements existing technologies to enhance cybersecurity.

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